New ALMIG Compressors Installed With A Lead-Lag Setup – Southampton, Hampshire

We have just finished installing a energy efficient system in which we were required to install two new Almig compressors in a lead-lag configuration, this will help this new composite facility optimise its compressors output.

Using multiple compressors that run in sequence—also known as running a lead-lag system—is a common way to meet varying compressed air system demand. Cycling of the lead pump adds reliability in the form of redundancy and increases the lifespan of the system. In a traditional lead-lag system, the lead compressor runs until the demand on the system is too great for the pump to meet, at which point the lag pump(s) initiates until demand is met.

A lead-lag system can consist of any number of air compressors, and they are often alternated to ensure even wear. An extra pump in the system for the purpose of redundancy is known as a standby compressor. If the pumps are alternated, however, the system will not have a single standby compressor. Instead, each of the compressors in the run sequence will take a turn as the standby compressor.

Many applications require a lead-lag configuration. Some configurations use across-the-line starters, while others use variable frequency drives (VFDs). Two general applications—a pressure tank and an compressed air system—exemplify how lead-lag configurations are used, the function of various motor controls in these types of systems and the basic differences between starters and VFDs in lead-lag applications.

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