Over the years we have been involved in many compressed air installations throughout the country. We have even installed systems in the Falkland Islands. We can run any project from the very start including design, installation & commissioning.

Get in touch today to discuss A custom compressed air system or installation you require.

We have completed many very large installations as we have small all have which have been completed with the same quality and efficiency. Even if its just adding to an existing system we can help.

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Specialist Equipment

Most people will be familiar with the use of pneumatic drills, presses, and other power tools in construction and other areas of public work; these are driven by compressed air. Similarly, the use of air brakes, which use compressed air, in larger goods road vehicles and railway rolling stock is also very familiar. Typical types of industries using compressed air will include:

  • Engineering;
  • Automotive Sector;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Construction;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Dry cleaning;
  • Food & Beverage;
  • Theme Parks;
  • Aeronautical:
  • Defence. 

The applications are so widespread it would be a lengthy process to list most. Compressed air is used in all industries, from manufacturing, processing, food, transport including shipping, and construction. It is also utilised in the medical world, for example, some dental equipment is powered by compressed air systems.

More domestic and everyday uses of compressed air will be found in:

  • Public transport systems such as railways, buses and heavy goods road vehicles (for operating brakes and doors);
  • Fitness equipment that produces resistance through the use of compressed air;
  • Construction work in the operation of tools and plant, such as diggers and lifting vehicles;
  • Underwater breathing apparatus;
  • Pressure jet washing equipment;
  • Sprinkler systems.


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